Demonstration of a 920px text box. Perhaps you'd like to put a description of your site here? That would look spiffy!

Top 10 Reasons Why Flowers Are Cool

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This is an example of the "entry" class. It has many applications, such as blogs, news articles, or lists with images. Could maybe be useful in a portfolio setting? It's up to you! You have so much freedom, how will you handle it?...

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Another Example

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Here's another example. Feel free to modify this theme in any way you desire.

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Demonstration of a 520px box with an "alternate" class. Feel free to change the color scheme with the aid of the included .png source file!

Basically just demonstrating a bunch of classes and things. No need to link back to my site - I just want to see how you use this theme! Email me (tddawso[email protected]) with a link to where you're using it and I'm happy.

See how this could be used for a sidebar? It's just one of the other boxes, but with a "nobg" class.

And this is what plain text will look like on the other side! Isn't that fun! Everything is organized to make it easier to edit the colors and styles. Have fun!

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