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Play with ligatures

— Some words to describe my ideas

The most exiting thing in typography for me is a ligature. I was thinking about using letters as pure forms, make them some kind of building blocks for attractive part of layout.

I've decided to create something that will generate some kind of objects based on ligatures, space and negative spaces. Then came idea of random.

Well, would you please "roll the dice" by refreshing that page and enjoy the particular result. So you can play with it and maybe get inspired to go far beyond that solution and upgrade your projects with things like that.

100 words about me

— Let me introduce myself

I have decided to try myself as a Web Designer and this is one of my first comps. Hope it is worth to be loaded.

Mostly I create DHTML prototypes as a Front-End Developer for Colours. Also I'm willing to implement processes described in ISO 9241–210 into the every day work of my colleagues at ByLectric.com as IxD.

I fond of digital photography and travel. Both were chosen as hobbies to look for new directions in which I could apply my knowledge, skills and desire to investigate, create and communicate.

Greeked text ;)

— The most known content

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You may not know

— You can use font replacement for links

One of the greatest thing in current web typography is opportunity to use font replacement for links

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