Uh Huh

People don’t
dance no more,
they just
stand there
like this.


Oh, sun drenched French girls won't relate to

A frozen girl from the northern state

Dreamin about happy babies kicking ladies in the metro now.


And the mirrors won't sing back to

Chopping your air or you're choppin the line

But you lap that up and laugh back up and smile.


Maybe the reason we're so uninspired

Cos we're hours late and the bodies are tired,

I think everybody here can agree

That the party aint wank cos the booze is free

No, free spirits aint setting no one's spirit free.


Yeah, uh huh, I'm fallin apart and the clock starts here and now

Tick tick tick tick, ow

Wind it up now!


People don't dance no more

They just stand there like this

They cross their arms and stare you down and drink and moan and piss.


This template is based on and inspired by a song.

Song: Whoo! Alright yeah... uh huh

Artist: The Rapture

Album: Pieces of the people we love

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